Slat Wall Merchandising – 1 Panel Bundle

Slat Wall Merchandising – 1 Panel Bundle


Slat Wall Merchandising – 1 Panel Bundle

£556.00£667.20 inc. VAT

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£556.00£667.20 inc. VAT

• 1 Standard Merchandising Panel 0.9m H x 1.25m W

• 2 QueuePro 250 2.3m Black Belt

• 4 Collars

• 3 Flat Metal Shelves 1.25m W x 0.22m D

• 1 Sign Frame 21.5cm W x 28cm H

• 1 Display Bowl

• 50 15cm Hooks

SKU: Single-Panel-Bundle
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The Merchandising Panel range is ideally located in the customer queue which is the most effective impulse buying location in any retail environment. Items merchandised in the queue typically see a 20%+ uplift in sales because customers are idle while waiting on line allowing them time to browse. Customers don’t have this time once they reach the checkout. This fully scalable system is suitable for any size store and works with most brands of stanchions. This product is made of aluminum slatwall that is light weight and durable. Available with a wide range of accessories and display bowls that fit to the stanchions. Installation is fast and easy there is no need to lift panels above posts and they can be connected to create any length or at right angles.

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