Introducing the WallMaster Twin 400: Enhancing Access Control with Extended Belt Lengths

Introducing the WallMaster Twin 400: Enhancing Access Control with Extended Belt Lengths

We’re excited to showcase the WallMaster Twin 400, a distinctive twin belt retractable barrier that redefines access control. Boasting an extended belt length and a unique twin-belt configuration, this innovative solution is designed to enhance security and visibility in various settings.

Extended Belt Lengths for Maximum Control

The WallMaster Twin 400 stands out with its two belt length options—3.9m or 4.6m feet—making it the perfect choice for medium-span applications like closing off warehouse aisles. When you need a robust wall-mounted barrier to effectively restrict access to designated areas, the WallMaster Twin 400 is your solution.

Enhanced Effectiveness with Twin Belts

What sets the WallMaster Twin 400 apart is its second belt, offering increased effectiveness as a barrier by preventing individuals from ducking under. This additional belt not only improves visibility by creating a larger surface area but also allows for the use of multiple colors or safety messages. This versatility enhances the ability to warn and guide pedestrians about potential safety hazards.

Ideal for Medium-Span Applications

Versatile and adaptable, the WallMaster Twin 400 excels in short to medium-span scenarios. With belts extending up to 13 or 15 feet, it’s the ideal choice for controlling access to larger corridors, doorways, parking spaces, and more. The extended belt length ensures that this twin-belted wall mount is a solid solution for any small to medium-span requirement.

Customization Options, colours and Safety Features
Like our other products, the WallMaster Twin 400 prioritizes customization. It comes in two stock finishes—classic black and attention-grabbing yellow—to suit different aesthetics and safety requirements. What truly sets our products apart is the extensive range of belt options, offering 50 colours and safety messages. If our stock options don’t meet your exact needs, our custom printing service ensures you get the perfect wall mount solution tailored to your requirements.

Versatility in Mounting Options

The WallMaster Twin range provides a variety of mounting options to suit your unique situation:

Fixed Mounting: Ideal for permanent installations where the barrier remains in place.

Magnetic Mounting: Designed for temporary mounting on metal surfaces.

Removable Mounting: Plates attached to the wall allow for barrier movement between locations.

Clamp Mounting: Designed for use on columns or pillars.

In Conclusion: Endless Applications and Enhanced Effectiveness

The WallMaster Twin 400 is a highly effective tool for restricting access to closed areas, offering improved barriers and better visibility than single-belt units. Its single-piece design ensures easier installation and lower costs compared to two single-belt units. With a wide range of mounting options and 50 belt colors and safety messages to choose from, the WallMaster Twin 400 is a flexible and customizable barrier system for your specific visibility and safety messaging needs.


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