Introducing the WallPro 750: Redefining Crowd Control

Introducing the WallPro 750: Redefining Crowd Control

Introducing the WallPro 750: Redefining Crowd Control

Welcome to Crowd Control Company, where innovation meets efficiency. Today, we’re excited to showcase the WallPro 750, a ground breaking wall-mounted barrier designed to revolutionize crowd control in various applications. With an astonishing belt length of up to 23 metres, this industry-leading extra long belt barrier sets a new standard for managing extended run lengths in environments ranging from airport tarmacs to expansive warehouses and critical machine guard areas.

Breaking Boundaries with long span belts

The WallPro 750 takes barricade creation to a whole new level with its unprecedented belt length of 23 metres. This breakthrough sets a fresh benchmark for handling vast areas, such as sprawling airport tarmacs. The remarkable belt length translates into unparalleled versatility, redefining industry standards and enabling seamless management of queues, efficient crowd control, and highly effective access control.

The WallPro 750 in Action: Versatility Unleashed

Tailored for versatility, the WallPro 750 offers unmatched utility across various applications:

Airport Tarmacs: Streamlined Passenger Management
Efficient access and crowd control are crucial at airports. The WallPro 750 streamlines this process by offering an extensive belt length that spans entire airport tarmacs or terminals, facilitating swift cordoning off of areas for maintenance or safety purposes.

Warehouses: Optimizing Efficiency
In bustling warehouse environments, space and access management are paramount. The WallPro 750’s extensive belt becomes a game-changer for establishing secure zones, controlling access, and guiding the movement of goods and personnel, ensuring safety and efficiency.

Machine Guards: Enhanced Safety
In industrial settings, safety is paramount. The WallPro 750 is the perfect solution for delineating safe zones around heavy machinery, reducing the risk of accidents with its long belt providing clear visibility of the boundary..


Durability: Built to Last

Beyond its impressive belt length, the WallPro 750 is constructed to withstand the rigors of high-traffic environments. Its heavy-duty casing ensures durability for both indoor and outdoor use, making it a reliable choice for various settings.

Customization: Your Message, Your Way

Recognizing that effective crowd control requires more than barriers, the WallPro 750 offers customization options, including:

Various Coloured Belts
Choose from a selection of different printed belts in various colours, enhancing visibility or color-coding for clear guidance.


Safety Messaging
Prioritize safety with customizable messaging on the belt, ensuring important information is visible to those in the queue.

In-House Printing Capabilities
Enjoy ultimate customization with in-house printing capabilities, allowing you to display your messaging, brand logos, graphics, or QR codes for a unique and tailored crowd control solution.

Innovation for an Evolving Industry

The WallPro 750 exemplifies our commitment to innovation in crowd control. It’s not just a barrier; it’s a dynamic solution offering versatility, durability, and customization. The 75-foot belt length, heavy-duty casing, and customization options make it a dynamic tool in your crowd control arsenal.

Conclusion: Elevating Crowd Control with WallPro 750

In a world where crowd control is essential for public safety and efficient operations, the WallPro 750 emerges as a leader in innovation. It redefines crowd control by breaking the boundaries of belt length, offering durability, and providing extensive customization possibilities. For those seeking a crowd control solution that goes the extra mile, the WallPro 750 is the answer. Embrace innovation, enhance your crowd control strategy, and elevate your experience with this exceptional industry leader.

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