Elevate Your Space with WallMaster 300 Xtra: The Ultimate Wall Mount Barrier Solution

Elevate Your Space with WallMaster 300 Xtra: The Ultimate Wall Mount Barrier Solution

WallMaster: Setting the Standard for Premium Wall Mount Barriers

When it comes to controlling access to corridors and aisle ways, efficiency and visibility are paramount. Enter the WallMaster 300 Xtra, a game-changer in the realm of wall-mounted belt barriers, designed to not only meet the functional needs but to exceed expectations with a 3-inch visibility boost.

For years, the WallMaster range has set the standard for quality and cost-effectiveness in wall mount barriers. These robust barriers, featuring a steel housing, come in five stock finish options, ensuring a seamless blend with your environment’s aesthetics while efficiently managing access and maintaining order.

Belt Brilliance: Unveiling the Power of a 3-Inch Belt

While the WallMaster series is known for its features, the WallMaster 300 Xtra takes the spotlight with its revolutionary 10-foot, 3-inch wide belt. This belt, surpassing the standard 2-inch variety, brings a new level of effectiveness to wall-mounted barriers, and here’s why it’s a true game-changer:

1. Enhanced Visibility

In spaces where quick recognition of barriers is critical, the 50% wider belt of the WallMaster 300 Xtra ensures superior visibility. Whether it’s a bustling corridor or a vast aisle way, this wider belt demands attention, making access control more manageable by ensuring clear visibility.

2. Impactful Customization

Beyond visibility, the larger belt acts as a canvas for your messages and branding. The fully customizable WallMaster 300 Xtra belt allows you to print messages and logos in various colors, ensuring your brand or safety information is both visible and impactful.

Belt Safety: Prioritizing Your Space’s Safety

Effectiveness and visibility aside, the WallMaster 300 Xtra upholds the safety features that define our products. With a slow-retracting brake system and a locking belt end, it ensures a secure environment for patrons and staff:

Slow Retracting Brake System:
The controlled retraction speed minimizes the risk of accidents, providing a secure environment for everyone in the vicinity.

Locking Belt End:
An additional layer of security ensures the belt remains in place, preventing accidental releases and adding to the overall effectiveness of the WallMaster series.

Mounting Versatility: Tailoring to Your Unique Needs

Versatility is the hallmark of WallMaster wall mount barriers, and the WallMaster 300 Xtra is no exception. With a range of mounting options, it adapts to various scenarios, including:

Fixed Mounting:
Ideal for permanent positions, ensuring a consistent and reliable control point.

Removable Mounting:
Perfect for situations requiring occasional removal or relocation without hassle.

Magnetic Mounting:
Convenient for metal surfaces, simplifying the application and removal process.

Clamp Mounting:
Securely attaches to round surfaces like poles or columns.

Suction Cup Mounting:
Provides a reliable attachment method for flat and smooth surfaces, such as glass doors or walls.

Conclusion: Transform Your Space with WallMaster 300 Xtra

The WallMaster 300 Xtra takes the excellence of WallMaster wall mount barriers to new heights with enhanced visibility and customization. Its 3-inch belt ensures your barriers are seen, effectively controlling access and conveying important messages. Paired with versatile mounting options, it adapts to diverse spaces.

Ready to elevate your corridor and aisle way control? Consider the WallMaster 300 Xtra. Its larger belt and customization options make it the standout choice for your crowd control needs. To discover how the WallMaster 300 Xtra can transform your space, contact Crowd Control Company today.


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